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Installation Options

The FME Server installer provides three options for installation: Express, Distributed, and Engine.


The Express option installs all required components, and is the easiest way to install FME Server.

When to Choose the Express Install

Use the Express installation for any of these scenarios:

  • You are not concerned about planning for n-tier architecture or fault tolerance. You want to get started quickly with a single installation of FME Server.
  • You want to implement an Active-Active Architecture for fault tolerance and/or high capacity. In this scenario, you conduct multiple Express installations (as many as you plan for your network), which you link together using your third-party load balancer.


The Distributed Installation option provides flexibility over which components to install yourself and which are installed automatically.

When to Choose the Distributed Install

Use the Distributed installation for any of these scenarios:


The Engine installation allows you to build onto a current FME Server installation by Adding FME Engines on a Separate Machine for fault tolerance and/or high capacity.