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Running the FME Server System Services Under Different Accounts (Windows)

By default, the FME Server Core, FME Server Engines, and FME Server Application Server Windows services run under the local system account, which does not have network permissions. You may need to run these services under different accounts that can read and write data to the FME Server System Share, particularly in a distributed installation where these services are installed on separate machines. For more information about required permissions for the FME Server System Services, see Directory and Account Permissions.

To Run the FME Server System Services Under Different Accounts

  1. (FME Server Engines service only) If your FME Engines are installed separately from the FME Server Core (Adding FME Engines on a Separate Machine), you may need to update the user account that runs the FME Engines to provide read/write access to the FME Server System Share. Ensure that account has the necessary permissions on the FME Server Core and FME Server Database machines. For more information, see Running the FME Engines Under a Different Account.
  2. Open the Windows Services:
  3. Select Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.


    Run services.msc.

  4. In the Services list, right-click FME Server Application Server, FME Server Core, or FME Server Engines, and select Properties.
  5. In the Properties dialog, click the Log On tab.
  6. Select This account, and specify a user account and password that provides permissions to the FME Server System Share. If you are updating the FME Server Engines account, make sure the account corresponds to the user you specified in Step 1.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Restart the FME Server System Services you updated.