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FME Server Configuration Files

Certain situations require that you edit configuration files. There are different configuration files for separate FME Server components. The files and their locations are listed in the following tables.

Each configuration file contains additional information and help on various parameters or directives.

Process Monitor

Filename: processMonitorConfigCore.txt

Location: <FMEServerDir>\Server\

Purpose: Start and configure FME Server Core processes.



Location: <FMEServerDir>\Server\

Purpose: Sets the initial default FME Engines to start.

Note: To change the number of FME Engines to start, use the FME Server Web User Interface.

FME Server

Filename: fmeServerConfig.txt

Location: <FMEServerDir>\Server\

Purpose: Configure the FME Server transformation, manager, repositories, resources, scheduler, notifications, logs, job queues, failover clustering, and others. For reference, see FME Server Config File Reference.


Filename: fmeCommonConfig.txt

Location: <FMEServerDir>\Server\

Purpose: Configure FME Server security and the database used by FME Server. For reference, see FME Server Common Config File Reference.


Filename: fmeWebSocketConfig.txt

Location: <FMEServerDir>\Server\

Purpose: Configure the FME Server WebSocket server.

FME Engines

Filename: fmeEngineConfig.txt

Location: <FMEServerDir>\Server\

Purpose: Configure the FME Engines, including subsections, pre and post commands, and success and failure responses. For layout details, see Configuration File Layout.

FME Console

Filename: FMEServerConsoleConfig.txt

Location: <FMEServerDir>\Clients\FMEServerConsole\

Purpose: Configure the FME Server Console. Use this file to set the FME Server host used by the FME Server Console.

FME Server Web Services


Location: <WebAppDir>/<FMEServerService>/WEB-INF/conf/

For example, if you are using the Apache Tomcat web application server that is provided with an Express installation of FME Server, the properties file for the Data Streaming service is located at:


If your distributed installation of FME Server uses a separate web application server, the path to the FME Server service properties files is where your web application server stores .war files.

Purpose: Configure properties for FME Server Web Services. Use this file to set the host for the service and various settings.