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Tips for Using the Geodatabase Writer

  • When inserting features into a table or feature class, fields that are not assigned values (that is, no attribute exists on the feature for that field) will be assigned a null value if the field allows null values. However, when updating existing fields, if no attribute exists on the feature for that field, the field will not be modified.
  • If memory runs out while writing to annotation feature classes, try setting the TRANSACTION_TYPE to Transactions or Edit Sessions. Doing this will restrict the number of annotation features stored locally before they are flushed to the database.

    Note: Using transactions can negatively affect performance. For more information on how to improve performance, see Improving the Speed of Writing using the Geodatabase Writer.

  • When writing to Geodatabase, if your translation fails with the ArcObjects message number of -2147216072 (FDO_E_SE_DB_IO_ERROR), there may be several reasons for this, such as:
    • The database that you are writing to may be out of space.
    • One of the values that you are trying to insert is too large for the underlying database to handle.
    • One of the values is too large for the data type specified. Try changing the data types of your columns.
    • One of your column names is invalid, possibly due to characters that are not considered capitalized. Try renaming the faulty column.