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LDAP/Active Directory Reader (Technology Preview)

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Professional Edition.

The LDAP / Active Directory reader module provides FME with access to attribute data held on LDAP servers.

Technology Preview

Note: This format is still under active development, so please expect changes to the current behavior. We do not recommend using this format in production environments.

Usage Notes

When creating queries or WHERE clauses, you will require a special subset of SQL. See the JDBC > LDAP Bridge for the full syntax and documentation.

The performance of this format is dependent on the amount of memory allocated to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The following environment variables allow you to specify memory available to Java Plugins:

  • FME_JVM_MIN_HEAP_SIZE: Initial heap size for initializing the JVM.
  • FME_JVM_MAX_HEAP_SIZE: Maximum heap size for initializing the JVM.

Both variables must be set for FME to honor them, and must be multiples of 1024K (for example, 4M and 64M, or 4096K and 32768K).

Note: To pass additional parameters used by FME to the Java Virtual Machine, use the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable.