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Folder-Based Datasets

The logic behind a folder-based dataset can be slightly confusing. In this form, the dataset is the folder or folder holding the data.

For example, in C:\FMEData\Data\Schools\ShapeSchoolRegions, the dataset name is ShapeSchoolRegions.

Esri Shapefile, MapInfo TAB, and CSV formats are examples of folder-based datasets.

Feature Types within Folder-Based Datasets

In a folder-based dataset, data is contained in a series of files. Typically, each unique file within the folder is a feature type within the dataset.

For example, in the following ESRI Shapefile data structure, the dataset is engineering, while the feature types are roads, pipelines, and roadsigns.


Note: It is common for FME users to mistake individual files for datasets. However, when there is no method of subdividing the data within the file itself, FME usually treats the file as a feature type within a folder-based dataset.