This routine will return a FMEGeometry object with triangle faces. This feature can support all geometries except for FMEAggregate, FMECSGSolid, FMECompositeSolid and FMEMultiSolid. The output FMEGeometry is never None. The resulting FMEGeometry is not guaranteed to contain only triangles, so it is the user’s responsiblity to check this. The geometry type of the returned FMEGeometry object depends on the type of input geometry:

  • For the case of FMEArea, the triangulation will occur with respect to the x- and y-coordinates, the z values are ignored, yet they will be retained in the output. If there are any errors an exception will be thrown.


geometry (FMEGeometry) – The geometry to triangulate to the surface.

Return type:



Note: This method returns a terminal geometry type of the FMEGeometry; i.e. one of the leaf classes in the FMEGeometry inheritance graph. For example, a FMETriangleStrip is returned if the geometry truly is a triangle strip.


FMEException – An exception is raised if an error occurred.