Email - SMTP

The Email - SMTP trigger allows you to configure email addresses to receive messages from SMTP email clients, and send the email data to FME Server as JSON.

The Email - SMTP trigger has two output ports. The success port () can send a message if the trigger receives successfully. The failure port (x) can send a message if the trigger fails to receive.

To use the Email - SMTP trigger, you must first make sure your FME Server is properly configured to receive email. For more information see Configuring FME Server to Receive Email.

Note  The Email - SMTP trigger is not supported in a fault tolerant installation of FME Server. Consider using the Email - IMAP trigger instead.


Output Keys

Email - SMTP Trigger Log Files



  • Shows some additional communication between SMTP Relay and FME Server.


  • Shows Email Received - SMTP trigger and configuring email accounts