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Accesses the Trello web service to create, update, archive, or list the contents of Trello Boards, Lists, and Cards.

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Typical Uses

  • Add workspace attributes to a Board or Card on your account
  • Obtain Board or Card information to use in your workspace as attributes
  • Manage your Trello account by Creating, Updating, and Deleting Trello Boards, Lists and Cards
  • Create complex or duplicated Trello Boards, Lists, and Cards
  • Chain TrelloConnectors to perform multiple operations using attributes from different accounts, Boards, Lists, or Cards

How does it work?

The TrelloConnector uses your Trello account credentials (either via a previously defined FME web connection, or by setting up a new FME web connection right from the transformer) to access the project management service.

Depending on your choice of actions, it will create, update, archive, or list information from Trello Boards, Lists, and Cards. On Create, Update, and List actions, information from the Trello objects can be added to the output features. On Archive actions, basic identification information from the archived Trello object is added to the output attribute.


Input Ports

Output Ports


The remaining parameters available depend on the value of the Request > Action parameter. Parameters for each Action are detailed below.

Editing Transformer Parameters

Transformer parameters can be set by directly entering values, using expressions, or referencing other elements in the workspace such as attribute values or user parameters. Various editors and context menus are available to assist. To see what is available, click beside the applicable parameter.

For more information, see Transformer Parameter Menu Options.


Processing Behavior


Feature Holding


Dependencies Trello account
History Released FME 2019.0

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