FME Transformers: 2024.1

FME Parameters

FME parameters reference a specific FME system setting. Obtaining a value from an FME parameter is often easier than having to define a value at run-time.

FME parameters have various uses, including:

  • Paths or folders might be used as a means to define the location of a file to be read during the translation; for example you might set an AttributeFileReader transformer to read a file from $(FME_MF_DIR)myFileName.txt.
  • Other parameters might be used to control the action of a workspace, or direct features to different parts of a workspace in order to process them differently. For example, FME_BUILD_NUM could be checked to ensure the FME engine running the workspace is sufficiently new; this could be of particular interest on FME Flow where multiple engines might each be a different build number.

FME parameters are listed in the table below:

Parameter Description
FME_BUILD_DATE Date the installation running the translation was built.
FME_BUILD_NUM Build number of the FME engine that is executing the workspace.
FME_HOME Name of the folder where the FME executable resides. It includes a trailing slash, independent of the platform.
FME_HOME_UNIX Similar to FME_HOME, but in UNIX format.
FME_MF_DIR Name of the folder in which the current file resides. This file is usually a workspace, but may be a custom transformer or custom format.
FME_MF_DIR_UNIX Similar to FME_MF_DIR, but in UNIX format.
FME_MF_NAME Name of the file used for the translation. This file is usually a workspace, but may be a custom transformer or custom format.
FME_OS Operating system on which FME is running. Return values are Windows, macOS, or Linux.
FME_PRODUCT_NAME Name of this FME Form product release.
FME_WORKSPACE_DIR Name of the folder in which the primary workspace resides.
FME_WORKSPACE_NAME Name of the primary workspace file used for the translation. For example, MyTestworkspace.fmw.
WORKSPACE_NAME Name of the workspace. Unlike FME_WORKSPACE_NAME, the value is evaluated at authoring time and saved in the workspace file. It may be the same as, or different from, the primary workspace file name, but without the .fmw extension. For example, if the workspace file name is MyTestworkspace.fmw, the value of this parameter is MyTestworkspace.

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