FME Flow: 2024.1

Job Directives

Job directives control various aspects of how jobs run. Job directives can be provided through the Transformation Services, FME Flow REST API, and FME Flow CLI.

Job directives are also available through Automations workflows that contain a Run a Workspace action or Schedule trigger.



tm_tag The queue in which to run the job. The specified queue overrides the queue that would otherwise be assigned based on Queue Control job routing rules. If not specified, job routing rules apply.
Tip  To control the priority of job requests, set the priority of the queue.
tm_ttc The time, in seconds, a job will remain in the running state. This directive is used to ensure that a job does not hang and block an FME Engine indefinitely.
tm_ttl The "time to live" in the job queue in seconds. This is used in cases where jobs are time-sensitive and can become invalid or stale while waiting in the job queue. If a job is queued longer than "time to live", it is removed from the queue instead of redirecting to an engine.
Note  This directive is enforced only during periods when FME Engines are free, which comprises the time between completion of a job and the start of the next queued job.


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