FME Flow: 2024.1

Transformation Services

Transformation Services include the following:


See Web Services Authentication.

Common Request Elements

Workspace Published Parameters

An FME published parameter defined in a workspace can be directly passed to a web service as a request parameter. When the web service submits a transformation job to FME Flow, the FME Flow uses the value of the published parameter to run the workspace.


The published parameters can be provided to the workspace using the HTTP POST or GET method. Assuming the GET method is used, then the syntax for the published parameter URL parameters is as follows:



Here is a URL to invoke the austinDownload.fmw workspace through the data download service (note the URL parameters, such as COORDSYS and its value LL84):


The published parameters from the example above are discussed in the following table. You may also download the austinDownload.fmw workspace from the Samples repository in order to see how the published parameters are configured in the workspace.

Parameter name

Parameter value




This is the Writer's Coordinate System parameter (i.e. the output coordinate).

BBOX_COORDSYS LL84 This is the Reader's Search Envelope Coordinate System parameter for the search envelope provided by the MIN*/MAX* published parameters, which collectively restrict the amount of data that is actually read by FME. Also, this published parameter is used to reproject the search envelope to match the source data's coordinate system in order to perform a hard clip within the workspace using a Clipper transformer.
FORMAT_GENERIC SHAPE This is the Generic Writer's Output Format parameter.
MINX -100 This is the Reader's Search Envelope Min X parameter that will be used to select and clip data. This published parameter is used by both the Reader and a Clipper transformer in order to restrict the amount of data that is read and then to hard clip the data respectively.
MINY 25 This is the Reader's Search Envelope Min Y parameter. See MINX for further details.
MAXX -90 This is the Reader's Search Envelope Max X parameter. See MINX for further details.
MAXY 35 This is the Reader's Search Envelope Max Y parameter. See MINX for further details.
THEMES airport This is the Reader's Feature Types to Read parameter.

Web Services-Specific Job Directives

See Job Directives for details.

Supported FME Engine Directives

The following table provides information about the FME Engine directives.

Directive name

Directive value



FME translation log file name.

Specify the FME translation log file name instead of using the default file name.