Changing the Database Provider for the FME Flow Database

To change the database provider for the FME Flow Database, perform an “in-place” backup and restore procedure:

  1. Backup Your FME Flow Configuration
  2. Configure the New Database Server
  3. Configure the Database Connection
  4. Restart FME Flow
  5. Restore Your FME Flow Configuration
  6. Remove Dependency, Disable, and Stop the Previous Database Service

FME Flow supports PostgreSQL (recommended), SQL Server, or Oracle databases.

Note  PostgreSQL is the recommended database server with FME Flow, offering enhanced performance and stability through targeted optimizations.

Backup Your FME Flow Configuration

Perform a backup of your FME Flow configuration.

Configure the New Database Server

Run the necessary database configuration scripts and post-configuration scripts. Follow the steps in Configure the FME Flow Database on a Separate Database Server.

Configure the Database Connection

Note  If using an Oracle database server, you must obtain the Oracle Database JDBC driver and place it in the following directory:
Windows: <FME FlowDir>\FMEFlow\Utilities\jdbc
Linux: /opt/fmeflow/Utilities/jdbc
Driver versions recommended: 12.1 (ojdbc7.jar), 12.2 (ojdbc8.jar), 18.3 (ojdbc8.jar), 19.3 (ojdbc8.jar), 19.3, 19.6, 19.7 (ojdbc8.jar).
Driver versions not recommended: All ojdbc10.jar versions. For more information, see
  1. Encrypt the database password you generated in the previous step. In an initial installation of FME Flow, this password is encrypted in installation files by default. However, it is no longer encrypted when the database server is updated. Follow the procedure in Encrypting the FME Flow Database Password.
  2. Locate the fmeDatabaseConfig.txt configuration file.
  3. Under the heading ‘FME SERVER SETTINGS START’, locate the section titled 'Database Connection' and update the parameters for the database you want to use for your repository.
  4. Parameters

    DB_TYPE - Identifies the database server: postgresql, sqlserver, oracle.

    DB_DRIVER - The JDBC driver name used for connecting to the database.

    DB_JDBC_URL - The JDBC URL used for connecting to the database.

    DB_USERNAME - The database user name.

    DB_PASSWORD - The database user password.

    DB_CONNECT_EXPIRY - The database connection expiry time, in seconds.

    DB_SQLSTMTS_PATH - The path to the SQL statement resource bundle.


Restart FME Flow

Restart all of the FME Flow System Services.

Restore Your FME Flow Configuration

Perform a restore of your FME Flow configuration:

Remove Dependency, Disable, and Stop the Previous Database Service

If the database service from which you migrated is the PostgreSQL database that was included in a default installation of FME Flow (such as an express install), you must remove the dependency of the FME Flow Core on that database, and then disable and stop it. For more information, see Removing the FME Flow Core Dependency on the FME Flow Database.