Removing the FME Flow Core Dependency on the FME Flow Database

You may need to disable and stop the service of the PostgreSQL database that is included in a default installation of FME Flow (known as the "FME Flow Database"). A common reason for performing this action is after Changing the Database Provider for the FME Flow Database. However, shutting down the old FME Flow Database also attempts to shut down the FME Flow Core, unless this service dependency is removed.

  1. Remove the Dependency of the FME Flow Core on the FME Flow Database
    1. Open a Command Prompt as administrator (Start Menu > Command Prompt > right click and select "Run as administrator").
    2. Type the following command into the Command Window and press Enter.
    3. sc config "FME Server Core" depend= /

  2. Disable and Stop the FME Flow Database
    1. Open the Windows Services (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services)
    2. Open the FME Flow Database service.
    3. In the Properties dialog, change Startup Type to Disabled.
    4. Under Service status, click Stop.
    5. Click Apply.