FME Flow: 2024.1

Changing the Web Application Server Host Name and Port

Following an FME Flow installation, you may need to update the web application server host name or port.

The following instructions assume the Apache Tomcat server that is bundled by default with an FME Flow installation is the one currently in use.

Update FME Flow Web URL (For Updating Host Name or Port)

On the machine hosting the FME Flow core:

  1. Open the fmeFlowConfig.txt configuration file.
  2. Locate the FME_SERVER_WEB_URL directive and update the URL value to the new web applications server host and/or port. For example:

  4. Restart FME Flow.
Note  If Topic Monitoring no longer functions after updating the host name, perform the following additional configuration:
  1. Open the file for the FME Flow service.
  2. Add the line WEB_SOCKET_SERVER_NAME=<hostname>, where <hostname> is the new host name.
  3. Restart FME Flow.

Update Service URLs (For Updating Host Name or Port)

  1. Log in to the FME Flow Web User Interface.
  2. Navigate to Services.
  3. Click Change All Hosts.
  4. On the Change All Hosts dialog, enter the new host name and click OK.
  5. On the Services pane, confirm that the URL for each service is updated to the new hostname.

Update the Web Application Server XML File (For Updating Port)

To update the web application server xml file (server.xml), first determine if your FME Flow is configured for HTTPS traffic. Then, follow the applicable instructions:

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