FMERasterProperties.setGCPs(dataList, coordSys)

This method sets a list of GCPs on the properties.

  • dataList (list[dict]) – A list of dictionaries where each dictionary contains row, col, x, y, and z (optional). For example, to set all of the keys, a list should look like as follows: [{‘row’:1, ‘col’:2, ‘x’:3, ‘y’:4, ‘z’:5}]. To set row, col, x, and y only, do not specify ‘z’ in the list: [{‘row’:1, ‘col’:2, ‘x’:3, ‘y’:4}]. If z is not specified, it will be set to 0.

  • coordSys (str) – GCP coordinate system.

Return type:



FMEException – An exception is raised if an error occurred.