FMEWorkspaceRunner.runWithParametersAndDirectives(workspace, parameters, directives)

Executes the workspace file specified using the parameter values and FME directives. Both the parameter values and FME directives are to be specified as name/value pairs. For example, for the parameter pair SHAPE_IN_DISSOLVE_HOLES_SHAPE/no and FME directive pair LOG_FILENAME/out.log:

>>> IFMEStringArray* parameters = fmeSession->createStringArray();
>>> parameters->append("SHAPE_IN_DISSOLVE_HOLES_SHAPE");
>>> parameters->append("no");
>>> IFMEStringArray* directives = fmeSession->createStringArray();
>>> parameters->append("LOG_FILENAME");
>>> parameters->append("out.log");
>>> runner->runWithParametersAndDirectives(*workspace, *parameters, *directives);
  • workspace (str) – The path to the workspace to run.

  • parameters (dict[parameters]) – Parameter name and values dictionary.

  • directives (dict[directives]) – Directive name and values dictionary.

Return type:



FMEException – An exception is raised if the workspace did not run successfully.