FMEWorkspaceRunner.getParamValues(workspace, paramName)

This method retrieves the possible parameter values of the specified parameter name. Parameter value availability is dependent on the parameter type of the parameter. Here are some examples of the format the parameter values are returned as, given a certain parameter type:

    • paramValues is empty because possible values is the set of integers.

  • CHOICE: < value >[%< value2 >]*
    • Each possible value is separated by a ‘%’.

  • LOOKUP_CHOICE: < displayValue >[,< returnValue >][%< displayValue >[,< returnValue >]]*
    • The display values and return values are separated by a ‘,’, with the return values being optional. Each possible “pair” are separated by a ‘%’.

  • FILENAME: < filterDes >|< filter >[|< filterDes2 >|< filter2 >]*
    • The filter descriptions and the filter extension types are separated by a ‘|’.

A full description of the parameter value format for each parameter type can be found here:

  • workspace (str) – The path to the workspace containing parameter name.

  • paramName (str) – The parameter name of the values to retrieve.

Return type:

str or None


The possible parameter values.


FMEException – An exception is raised if the parameter is not found on the workspace.