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Configuring Grid Transformation Definitions

You can modify grid transformation definitions and use them for explicit transformations in workspaces run from FME Server.

  1. In FME Workbench, click Tools > FME Options > Coordinate Systems, and edit the applicable grid transformation.
  2. Locate the applicable grid override file from the FME Desktop machine:
  3. Windows:

    <user>\My Documents\FME\CoordinateSystemGridOverrides\<grid_override_file>.txt


    > ~/.fme/CoordinateSystemGridOverrides

  4. Make a copy of the grid override file.
  5. Open the copy in a text editor. You will see a relative path to the .\GridData folder. Change the relative path to a fully qualified path to the <FMEServerDir>\Server\fme\Reproject\GridData folder.
  6. Note: If any part of the path contains spaces, enclose the entire path in quotation marks (""). If paths containing spaces are not enclosed in quotation marks, the FME Server Engines service may fail to restart.

  7. Save and close the file.
  8. On the Resources page, upload the file to the CoordinateSystemGridOverrides folder, under Engine.
  9. Restart FME Server.