Configure the FME Server Database on a Separate Database Server

To configure FME Server to use a separate database server, follow the steps below. You can configure FME Server with a Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or Oracle database, running on either Windows or Linux.

  1. Database Configuration: This involves setting up FME Server database tables and database users with permissions to access the FME Server database.
  2. Note: The specific way to set up database tables and user permissions on various production databases may differ depending on the available database tools and intended target platform.

  3. Enable connections: FME Server connects to the database when it starts. Therefore, ensure that your database server is running and configured to accept incoming connections before FME Server is started. The database must allow connections over TCP/IP with all machines on which the FME Server Core and FME Engines are installed.
  4. Ensure that all installations of FME Server are running. For more information, see Working with the FME Server System Services.