Writer Feature Type: User Attributes

For information on the parameters in this dialog that are specific to all formats, see About Writer Feature Types: User Attributes

User attributes for this format are defined below.

Name The name of the column to be written.

The type of a column in a table. The valid values for the column type are listed below:


The type of index to create on the given column. The valid values for the index type are listed below:

BTree: This type is used to create balanced tree (B-tree) indices. A B-tree index is an ordered list of values divided into ranges. By associating a key with a row or range of rows, B-trees provide excellent retrieval performance for a wide range of queries including exact match and range searches.

Bitmap: This type is used to create bitmap indices. A bitmap index stores a bitmap for each index key. Each index key stores pointers to multiple rows. They are primarily designed for data warehousing or environments in which queries reference many columns in an ad hoc fashion.

PrimaryKey: This type specifies that the column is a primary key for the table. Only one primary key is allowed per table.

Unique: This type specifies that the column has a UNIQUE constraint.

Note that these non-spatial indexes are created only on table creation.