Oracle Spatial Object Troubleshooting

Problems sometimes arise when attempting to connect to an Oracle database. This is almost always due to a misconfiguration in the user’s environment. The following suggestions can often help detect and overcome such problems:

  • For a table to be available to the Oracle Spatial Object reader, it requires an entry in the USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA table defining the geometry column, spatial extents and optionally the SRID of the data.
  • Ensure you can connect to the database with the service name, user name, and password using SQL*Plus.
  • Ensure that your ORACLE_HOME environment variable is correctly set: see Oracle documentation for details. This is required for some specific versions of Oracle, and may be required even if SQL*Plus appears to operate correctly without it.
  • If you have had older versions of the Oracle client software installed, make sure that your PATH variable has the current version’s Oracle folder first, before any other Oracle software, including the WebDB package.
  • When running on UNIX, the following environment variables should be defined:



Sample Value


Top level of folder into which Oracle client software is installed.



The Oracle product folder.



The system ID for the host’s database instance.



A list of folders which will be searched for shared objects. This list must include the FME_HOME path, as well as the lib subfolder of ORACLE_HOME.