Oracle Spatial Writer Feature Type Parameters

To access feature type parameters, click the gear icon on a feature type in the workspace to open the Feature Type Parameter Editor. To always display the editor in Workbench, you can select View > Windows > Parameter Editor.

All feature types share similar General Parameters. This includes Name and Writer Name. From here, you can also control Dynamic Properties.

These parameters apply only to a selected feature type, not to the entire writer.

Tip: If a feature type parameter listed here conflicts with a writer-level parameter, then the writer parameter will be ignored and this feature type parameter will be used.

Table Settings: General

Row Selection

When inserting into a table, Row Selection is ignored. When updating and deleting from a table, a condition needs to be specified for selecting which rows to operate on. This parameter group offers two methods to construct the selection condition:

Table Creation Parameters

Extents and Tolerances

Table Settings: Spatial

Spatial Index

Table Settings: Advanced