Adding FME Engines on a Separate Machine

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Estimated Time Required: 30-45 minutes
  • Prerequisites:

You can add processing capacity to your FME Server by installing additional FME Engines on a separate computer from the FME Server Core.

WARNING: We recommend installing all FME Engines on systems that are synchronized to the same time zone as other FME Engines and the FME Server Core. If time zones differ, unexpected issues may arise, including:
Difficulty accessing the FME Server Web User Interface.
Improper timing of Schedule Initiated triggers.
Inconsistent or misleading timestamps in log files (accessed from Resources).

In the instructions below, the computer that hosts the FME Server Core is the <coreHost>.

Note: To avoid confusion when configuring scheduled tasks and viewing logs, we recommend that <engineHost> be configured for the same time zone as <coreHost>. For more information, see About Times and Time Zones.

Note: In a fault-tolerance environment, we recommend assigning unique names to FME Engines. However, if multiple FME Engine hosts have the same FME Engine name, the job queue server configuration applies to all FME Engines with the same name in the same way regardless of which host it resides on. For more information, see Job Queues.