Esri Geodatabase (ArcSDE Geodb) Reader Parameters

Database Connection



Read Version Differences

When checked, only the differences between two versions will be read instead of reading all the data. Differences are read as difference features that record the inserts, updates and deletes that have occurred on the connection version since the baseline version. See the Difference Features section for the structure of difference features.

To read transactional version differences, the tables/feature classes being read must be registered as versioned and for historical version differences, those tables must additionally have archiving enabled.

When comparing two transactional versions, the baseline will actually be the common ancestor of both versions to avoid conflicts where the same record was changed in both versions.

Schema Attributes

Use Search Envelope

Using the minimum and maximum x and y parameters, define a bounding box that will be used to filter the input features. Only features that intersect with the bounding box are returned.

If all four coordinates of the search envelope are specified as 0, the search envelope will be disabled.