Autodesk AutoCAD DWG/DXF Reader Parameters

Group Entities By

Specifies the overall structure of the schema and data for DWG file reading. Group entities by layer name or geometry, or build AutoCAD schema by scanning extended entity data.

Layer Name

The schema will be generated using layers in the source dataset as FME feature types.


The schema will be generated using all the possible AutoCAD geometry types as FME feature types. This list is set by the reader capability and is not limited to geometries which occur in the given source dataset.

Attribute Schema

The schema will be generated using both the layers and entities in the source dataset. The layers will be used to create FME feature types as in the Group by Layer Name selection; however, the attributes of all the entities belonging to a layer will be accumulated and also added to the FME feature type for that layer. For Extended Entity Data attributes to appear, the reader parameter Read Interpreted Extended Entity Data must be selected.

Entity Options

Model and Paper Space Options

Attribute Options

Schema Attributes

Use Search Envelope