FME Form: 2024.1

Running a Workspace with Published Parameters

When you run a workspace using Published Parameters, FME Workbench can pause the translation and display a dialog that prompts you for the Published Parameter values. Edit or accept the parameters before continuing with the translation.

Note  If a parameter is published that can accept either character or numeric input, that parameter will only accept a numeric input when the workspace is run.

Controlling Published Parameter Visibility

You can control the visibility of published parameters depending on the values of other parameters that are specified previously in the dialog. Visibility is configured in coordination with user parameters of type Choice and the Conditional Visibility setting in the User Parameters dialog. For more information, see Controlling the Visibility of Published Parameters.

From FME Workbench

  1. Select Run on the Menu Bar and check Prompt for User Parameters.
  2. Run the workspace.
  3. You are prompted for values. (Remember, however, that if you defined private parameters, you are not prompted for values.)
  4. If you want the specified values to load by default when running this workspace subsequently, check Save As User Parameter Default Values. (The default behavior of this setting is controlled by the Prompt And Run workspace parameter.)
  5. If you have presets defined and want to load one to supply values, click Presets and select Load<'preset_name'> for the preset you want to load. The Presets button allows you to perform other tasks dynamically with presets. For more information, see Reusing User Parameter Values with Presets.
  6. Click Run to continue with the translation.  

From the Command Line

When you click the Run button to run the translation, the command line syntax is generated in the workspace log window. The syntax is visible in the beginning of the log file.

Note  The command-line syntax is displayed in the log window only. It will not appear in the log file. However, you can copy text from the log window and paste it into a text editor.

Command Line Parameters


Default Value


--FME_LAUNCH_VIEWER_APP NO If YES, the FME Data Inspector opens after the translation is finished.