Controlling the Visibility of Published Parameters

You can control the visibility of published parameters depending on the values of other parameters that are specified previously in the User Parameters dialog. To control visibility, set the Conditional Visibility clause when configuring the parameter's properties.

The previously-specified parameter, on which the visibility of another parameter depends, must be a type that allows specifying a single value, such as a Yes/No parameter, a specified Text string, or a Choice parameter that does not Allow Multiple Selection.

In this example, a parameter of type Choice asks the user to specify Rain or Snow. It is followed by two parameters of type Numeric, which ask the user to input the amount of rain or snow in millimeters or centimeters, respectively.

Mouse over to view screenshot:

The visibility of the two numeric parameters depends on the value of the Choice parameter. For example, if Rain is specified, the parameter to enter centimeters of snow is hidden.

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When the workspace runs, and Rain is selected, only the prompt to Enter millimeters displays.