Menus and Toolbar

The pull-down menus on the top of the FME Workbench window contain commands that will affect the entire workspace. Individual command menus within the graphical interface (displayed by clicking the right mouse button after making a selection) are applicable to separate workspace components.


The toolbar gives you quick access to various commands. To see what a toolbar button does without actually selecting it, float your cursor over the button to view a short description of its function.

Customize the Toolbar

Right-click in an empty spot on the FME Workbench toolbar, and click Customize Toolbar.

This opens the FME Options dialog, and displays the Toolbar options.

Status Bar

The area at the bottom left-hand side of the FME Workbench window displays progress information, as well as short descriptions of selected menu items or toolbar buttons. This area also displays the FME version and build number.

Quick Navigation

To quickly move through a workspace, use keyboard navigation.

  • The arrow keys will move you to different parts of a workspace, including links, and the Enter key will open properties for editing.
  • Press the Esc key to quickly cancel a pan or zoom mode.
  • When you are zoomed out in a workspace, you can float your cursor over constants and annotations to display tool-tips that show their text.
  • Press and drag the middle mouse button (this is the mouse wheel on most mice) to pan around the workspace.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts.