Write the state of the FMEFeature to a string buffer.


parameters (dict) –

(Optional) Possible name-value pairs are:

  • kFME_FeatureSerializeOption:

  • kFME_FeatureSerializeExcludeAttr:

    • Attribute names to exclude: The names of the attributes to exclude when doing feature serialization. The value can be a single string or a list.

  • kFME_FeatureSerializeSidecarBasename:

    • File in which to store extra geometry data: The path and basename (not including file extension) to which additional data will be written for some geometries (raster, point cloud). If this option is not specified for those geometries, the extra data will not be written.

Return type:

bytearray, bytes, or None


The buffer on success, None otherwise.