FMEFeature.processFeatures(featureList, paramList)

Perform some general processing operation on a list of features. The operation performed is governed by the contents of paramList.

  • featureList (list[FMEFeature]) – The list of features to process.

  • paramList (list[str]) –

    The first entry in the array determines the type of operation.

    The following types of operations are supported:

    • kFME_ConvertToArea: The contents of the feature list are assumed to be a collection of lines. These lines are then formed into polygons. The polygons which result are turned into donuts and aggregated. Any holes are themselves dropped from the result. The single resulting area geometry is applied to the current feature.

    • kFME_PolygonDissolve: The contents of the feature list are assumed to be a collection of polygons. If there are non-polygon features, then they will be filtered out. The collection of polygon features will be dissolved and the result will be applied to the current feature. Dissolved polygons are those polygons formed when shared edges between adjacent polygons are removed. This operation assumes that all input polygons are properly noded, a vertex is present at each intersection point, and that polygons are not overlapping.

Return type:



FMEException – An exception is raised if an error occurred. The current feature’s geometry may be in an undefined state.