FMEFeature.deserialize(buffer, parameters)

Restore the state of the FMEFeature from the specified buffer.

  • buffer (bytearray) – The buffer from which the state of the feature is restored from.

  • parameters (dict) – (Optional) Possible name-value pairs are:

  • kFME_FeatureDeserializeOption:

    • kFME_FeatureDeserializeReset: (Default) Reset the original feature before restoring the state of the FMEFeature.

    • kFME_FeatureDeserializeMerge: When restoring the state of the FMEFeature, the original feature will NOT be reset; the original information in the feature will be preserved when there is no corresponding information in the buffer. Attributes, geometry, coordinate system information, etc. taken from the buffer will overwrite such information on the feature if necessary.

  • kFME_FeatureDeserializeSidecarBasename:

    • File from which to read extra geometry data: The path and basename (not including file extension) from which additional data will be read for some geometries (raster, point cloud). If this option is not specified for those geometries, they may return an error when data is requested (e.g. when writing out a raster).

Return type:



True on success, False otherwise.