Connect to the FME Server Web User Interface

  1. Go to the FME Cloud dashboard (
  2. Select the instance to which you want to connect.
  3. Click the Connect button.
  4. In the Connect To Your Instance dialog, click download the credentials. Alternatively, on the FME Cloud dashboard, click the Action button, and select Download Credentials. This downloads a text file that contains all of the credentials for connecting to the server.
  5. WARNING: Do not lose this file. Once you have downloaded this file you cannot download it again, and there is no way to retrieve it.

  6. On the Download Credentials dialog, click Download Credentials.
  7. To access the Web Interface, click on the URL in the Connect To Your Instance dialog, under FME Server:- Web interface. Alternatively, in the FME Cloud dashboard, click on the URL in the bottom panel, just below the instance name. This takes you to the FME Server login screen. Enter the FME Username and FME Password from the credentials text file.

Once you are logged in, follow the steps in Configuring an Instance.