Connect to the PostGIS Database

Note: FME Cloud uses version 9.5 of the PostgreSQL database, and version 2.2 of the PostGIS spatial database extender for PostgreSQL.

These instructions assume you have downloaded the connection credentials, as described in Connect to the Web User Interface.

  1. Go to the FME Cloud dashboard (
  2. Select the instance to which you want to connect.
  3. If port 5432 is not already open for your instance, create a security rule to open port 5432. (This port is designated for database communication. For security reasons, it is closed by default.) To determine if port 5432 is already open, or example instructions on how to create a security rule for a port, see Configuring Instance Security.
  4. Click the Connect button.
  5. On the Connect to Your Instance dialog, copy the instance host name, as indicated under "PostGIS Database:". Alternatively, on the FME Cloud dashboard, obtain the host name by copying the URL in the bottom panel, just under the instance name, and removing http://.
  6. For example,


  7. Using the pgAdmin PostgreSQL Tool, add a new connection to a server.
  8. PgAdmin is available for free download at For instructions on adding a new connection, see the pgAdmin documentation.

    1. Name: Enter a name for the connection.
    2. Host: The host you copied in step 3.
    3. Maintenance DB: Enter the PostGIS database defined in the credentials file you downloaded when you connected to the Web Interface.
    4. Username: Enter the PostGIS username defined in the credentials file.
    5. Password: Enter the PostGIS password defined in the credentials file.