Select Automations > Notifications > Topics.

A topic is simply a keyword that identifies the subject of a notification. Publishers deliver content as notifications to topics, and subscribers receive notifications from topics. For more information, see Notification Service.

Click on the Topics tab to open the topics table view. You will see some topics already created for you. For information about these topics, see Monitoring FME Server Events from Topics.

Creating a Topic

Tip  As an alternative, consider building your notification on the Automations pageā€”an easy-to-use interface for creating workflows that can comprise multiple publishers, subscribers, and other notification mechanisms.
  1. Click New.
  2. Provide a topic name.
  3. Enter a description for the topic.
  4. Click OK.

Viewing or Modifying a Topic

Click the topic row in the table. A dialog similar to the one for creating new topics will be populated with properties of the topic you wish to modify. Make any changes as needed and click OK.

To see the name and URL of the topic (where POST notifications are sent), expand Developer Information.

To go to the Notifications section of the REST API Technical Reference, click the REST API Documentation Link.

Testing a Topic

Testing a topic is a convenient way to send a sample notification to a topic and see if it is configured properly with any subscriptions.

To test one or more topics, check the boxes beside the corresponding topics and click Test Topic. Alternatively, click on the row of a single topic you want to test, and on the Editing Topic page, click Test Topic. On the Topic Testing dialog, enter some test data and click OK.

Monitoring a Topic

The Topic Monitoring pane provides a convenient place to monitor Notification Service activity on topics without having to reference log files. For more information, see Topic Monitoring.

Sharing a Topic

To share a topic, click the Share with Others icon. Through sharing, you can grant levels of permissions on an item to other users. You can share an item if you own it, or if you are a user with Manage permission in Security, such as an administrator. For more information about sharing and ownership, see Role-Based and User-Based Access Control.

Deleting a Topic

To delete a topic, select the topic row in the table and click Remove.

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