Uploading Data Files Using the Web User Interface

The Data Upload Service is accessed in a different way than access for other services using the Web User Interface.

You can upload data files for Data Download, Data Streaming, and Job Submitter services.

When a published parameter of a workspace represents a file, you can specify the file you want to upload. This action invokes the Data Upload service to upload the file to FME Server.

  1. From the Run Workspace page, specify the repository and workspace for which you want to upload data files.
  2. Specify the service that requires the upload.
  3. Under Published Parameters, in the applicable file upload field (such as Source File), click the applicable button to select the file to be uploaded. To upload a Resources file, click Browse Resources. To upload a file in another location, such as your local hard drive, click Upload File. Alternatively, if supported by your browser version, you can drag and drop the file onto the field.