Use this page to upload and manage the following in FME Server:

  • Workspaces
  • Workspace templates
  • Custom transformers
  • Custom formats

In FME Server, these items are uploaded and organized into Repositories.

Uploading to FME Server

Working with Version Control

Working with Workspace Metrics and Metadata

You can view useful information about workspace performance, which can help you make important decisions about how to run workspaces, particularly when configuring Queue Control. To view workspace statistics, click on a repository name to open it.

The Workspaces page for a repository displays the following columns:

Resetting Statistics

You may decide that, over time, statistics are outdated and do not reflect current conditions on your system. You can reset statistics so that they are calculated anew. Select one or more workspaces to reset, click Actions, and select Reset Statistics.

Note  Statistics must be reset manually. When an existing workspace is re-uploaded, or republished from FME Server, workspace metrics do not reset automatically.
Warning  After statistics are reset, ensure workspaces are run enough times before applying a metric-based job routing rule to an applicable queue. For a metric-based job routing rule to take effect, the workspace must have run enough times since statistics are initially collected or reset to generate a statistically significant sample. The required minimum number of jobs to run for a significant sample may vary between 30 to 100, depending on variability of data and the degree of precision required by the rule (for example, minutes versus seconds). The more variable the input data, and the higher degree of precision that is required of this data, the larger the sample size that is required. If a job routing rule does not reference a statistically significant sample of jobs run, the next applicable rule takes effect, by priority, or the job routes to the Default queue.

Other Tasks