Deployment Status

Select Engine Management > Deployment Status.

The Deployment Status page shows the components in your FME Server installation, where these components are hosted, their statuses, and how they connect to each other. You can use the Deployment Status page to determine if your FME Server is functioning properly to run workspaces. This page may be especially useful if you have installed FME Server for fault tolerance or scalability, which may involve a large number of components to monitor.

Click any component to display more information about it.

You can see the following components on the Deployment Status page:

  • Job Router: Manages Queue Control and dispatches jobs as needed. Only one job router can be "Active." In a fault tolerant installation, connections to multiple job routers indicate an active failover situation in which components are trying to connect to a new job router.
  • Engine Manager: Allows FME Engines to communicate with the job router by managing connections to limited resources, such as the FME Server Database. All Engine Managers are active, but only one Engine Manager can be a "Leader."
  • Engines: Shows the FME Engines that comprise the FME Server installation. If any FME Engines are currently running jobs, this is indicated.