Configuring Implicit NAD27 to NAD83 Datum Shifts

If you plan to run workspaces that transform data between the datums NAD27 and NAD83 without explicitly choosing a transformation in a CsmapReprojector transformer, you must decide whether to use datum shift files for Canada or the US.

To apply the setting to all FME processes run on the machine

Run one of the following scripts:

To apply the setting only to FME processes run by the current user

Note: A current user can also be a Service Account.

Run one of the following from a command prompt:

Note: You must run the following commands as an Administrator.

  • Canada: <FMEServerDir>Server/fme/fme APPLY_SETTINGS "CoordSys/NAD2783 Datum Shift" "canada only"
  • US: <FMEServerDir>/Server/fme/fme APPLY_SETTINGS "CoordSys/NAD2783 Datum Shift" "usa only"

To apply different settings for specific FME Engines

In your FME Server architecture, you may want a set of FME Engines on one machine to run jobs that use the Canada datum shift files, and another set of FME Engines on another machine to run jobs that use the US datum shift files.

First, identify and configure separate operating system user accounts to run the distributed FME Engines. For more information, see Running the FME Engines Under a Different Account.

Next, for each user account configured to run a set of FME Engines, run the applicable command (above).

Finally, use Job Queues to ensure your workspaces are run by the intended engine.