OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) Reader Parameters

Note: The source dataset must be set to the WFS server name.

WFS Connection

Use Network Authentication

This parameter is always visible in some formats, and visible in other formats only when the dataset is a URL.

Note: To access datasets using a proxy server, use the Network tools in FME Options. From the Workbench menu, select Tools > FME Options > Network. For more information, see "Network Proxy" in the FME Workbench Help.

Connection Properties


Application Schema

Application Schema

A GML instance document specifies the namespace and the location of its application schema through its root element xsi:schemaLocation attribute. This field allows the GML (or GML-based) reader to use a different GML schema document from the one specified in the xsi:schemaLocation attribute.

The XML Schema specification states that the xsi:schemaLocation attribute value consists of a set of pairs: The first member of each pair is the namespace for which the second member is the hint describing where to find an appropriate schema document. The presence of this hint does not require the processor to obtain or use the cited schema document, however, the processor is free to use other schemas obtained by other suitable means.

Note: This only takes effect if the target namespace of the dataset is not in the Safe fixed schema namespace http://www.safe.com/xml/schemas/FMEFeatures. The GML2 writer in Fixed Schema Mode writes out documents that belong to that namespace.

Map FeatureCollection

This optional parameter instructs the reader to map FeatureCollection as an FME feature.

Values:  gml:FeatureCollection | wfs:FeatureCollection

Usually, only one value is used within a dataset. Selecting both gml:FeatureCollection and wfs:FeatureCollection may cause a clash in feature type names when both GML and WFS schemas are loaded, since FME needs the feature type to be unique in a reader or writer.

If both values are required, you may need to set the Add XML Namespace Prefix to parameter to a value of Feature Types – this parameter adds the namespace prefix to the feature types to make them unique.

GML SRS/Geometry Parameters

(Version and) XML Namespace Processing

GML Feature Properties

GML Feature Properties – Attribute Handling

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