Bentley MicroStation Design (V8) Reader Parameters

Group Elements By

Specifies the overall structure of the schema and data for DGN file reading.

Element Options

The reader can be configured to output all the elements composing cells, or symbols. This is useful if the graphical representation of the Design file is to be preserved. This is true when, for example, a Design file is translated to a GIF image.

Attribute Options

Read Tag Attributes

Read Tag element data as attributes.

Read XAttributes and Item Set attributes As List (V8 only)

This parameter is applicable to version 8 only.

Select this option to read XAttribute information. Elements in a design file may have user-defined attributes attached to them in a form called XAttributes. Such attributes can be read (but not written, with the exception of File Link XAttributes) by FME. They are represented as list attributes, and contain various typed information chunks such as XML fragments, as is the case when they represent XML-based Feature Modeling (XFM) data.

Linkage Extraction

Linkage Extraction boxes allows you to extract MSLinks and/or FRAMME attribute linkage values from the Source Design File. Only the first three linkage values will be extracted.

Model Selection Options

Models and sheets in a Design file can have different spaces, which are essentially the coordinates and units that they represent. This can lead to confusing results if you attempt to view them together in the Data Inspector. FME defaults to this combined view, but this parameter allows you to refine the view and read only selected models.

Coordinate Units By

These parameters control the conversion between UORs in the Design file and FME coordinates. There are three possibilities: 

Override Global Origin

These parameters are usually used only when reading Design files that have bad header information. If FME detects a difference between these settings and those read from the Design file, a warning is output to the log file, and these settings take precedence.

Use Search Envelope

Using the minimum and maximum x and y parameters, define a bounding box that will be used to filter the input features. Only features that intersect with the bounding box are returned.

If all four coordinates of the search envelope are specified as 0, the search envelope will be disabled.