Esri Geodatabase (ArcSDE Geodb) Writer Parameters

Note   The values populated in this parameter dialog set the values for writer parameters and for feature type parameters. Since some feature type parameters have equivalent writer-level parameters, the parameter box value will be used in two places. Feature type parameters take precedence over writer parameters. The only time the writer-level parameters will be used is when there is no equivalent feature type parameter, or if the parameter was not supplied.

About Database Connections

Database formats include a Database Connection parameter that defines and stores authentication information. For general information about sharing database connections, please see Using Database Connections. Using Database Connections.

Note that Database Connection parameters differ slightly, depending on context and/or database format.


From the Connection parameter in a database format, you can do one of the following:

    Select an existing, previously defined connection. See the section Reusing a Database Connection in Using Database Connections

    Select Add Database Connection to define a new connection. See database-specific parameters below, as well as the section Adding a Database Connection in a Workspace in Using Database Connections The new connection can be made visible only to the current user, or can be shared among multiple users.

Note about SQL View Editing: The SQLExecutor transformer supports File Geodatabase, Mobile Geodatabase, and ArcSDE Geodatabase formats. However, the SQL queries it is capable of performing are limited. If running the SQL fails, FME will try to recognize the SQL as a view statement of one of the following forms:
CREATE VIEW viewname AS querydescription;
CREATE OR REPLACE viewname AS querydescription;
DROP VIEW viewname;

If any of these case-insensitive queries is identified, the geodatabase will call custom view calls to delete or create views as requested.

Database Connection

Connection File

This parameter identifies the pathname of a connection file to be used to connect to an Enterprise Geodatabase.

A connection file provides the necessary information to connect to the SDE server, such as the server name or the username.

The connection file must have an .sde extension and be properly formatted (as defined by Esri). Connection files can be created in ArcCatalog.

Username and Password

Enter the username and password to access the service.

General Parameters

Table Parameters


Note  Before writing SQL to run on a geodatabase, please refer to Esri guidelines: What type of data can be edited using sql? (For example, you should avoid dropping feature classes in SQL.)


When creating tables, ArcSDE Geodatabases can have indexes assigned to individual fields. These indexes may have the following properties.

  • Ascending – Values in fields with this index will each be maintained in ascending order.
  • UniqueAscending – Values in fields with this index will each be kept in ascending order and be different from one another.