Using Junctions

Junctions are a useful tool for managing connections as you build and organize a workspace. For example, you have several Creator transformers that you want to join before you proceed with building the rest of the workspace. You can create a Junction in the workspace that brings them together.

Junctions are also useful as a starting point when Running and Inspecting Part of a Workspace.

To insert a Junction using quick add, start typing 'Junction' on a blank spot on the canvas, and select 'Junction' when it appears. Junctions look like this when you add them:

Connect the elements of your workspace to the Junction as you would normally.

Inserting Junctions

You can insert a Junction in a specific place in a workspace. Right-click on any input port, output port, or connector, and select Insert Junction.

Disabling Connections Using Junctions

You can disable a Junction, which disables all the connections that feed into it. Right-click on a Junction and select Disable. The connection turns a light gray color. To enable it, right-click and select Enable.

Searching Junctions

If you have a large workspace and need to locate your Junctions, search for "junction" using Workspace Search.