Select User Management > Items.

The Items page is a convenient place to view and manage permissions on the items on your FME Flow.

To see a summary of permissions on items, select a category in the Choose a category drop-down. For example, to see permissions for all repositories on the FME Flow, select Repositories.

The following columns display:

  • Name: Name of the item.
  • Owner: User who owns the item. Owners have full permissions on their items.
  • Users: Users who have some form of permission on the item.
  • Roles: Roles that have some form of permission on the item.
  • Sharing (icon): Click to share the item with other users. Through sharing, you can grant levels of permissions on an item to other users. You can share an item if you own it, or if you are a user with Manage permission in Security, such as an administrator. For more information about sharing and ownership, see Role-Based and User-Based Access Control.

Viewing and Managing Permissions on Items

Click on an item to open it. On the Edit page, you can do the following, depending on your permissions on the item:

  • Change owner: In the Owner field, select a new user as owner. Alternatively, on the Items main page, select the item and click Change Owner.
  • Note  Changing ownership of a Server App causes the app to be disabled. The API token for this app will no longer be associated with the original owner. To run, the app must be explicitly enabled.
  • Update permissions: Under Users or Roles, use the checkboxes to grant or deny permissions as needed. Alternatively, under Roles, use the drop-downs under Summary as a quicker alternative to checkboxes. For an explanation of item permissions for each category, see Permissions Descriptions, below.
    • To add users and roles for granting permissions: Click Add User(s) or Add Role(s).
    • To grant all permissions to all listed users or roles: Under Users or Roles, click Select All.
    • To deny all permissions to all listed users or roles: Under Users or Roles, click Deselect All.
    • To remove a user or role from an item. Click the x corresponding to the user or role you want to remove. This action effectively denies all permissions on the item to the user or role.
    • Note  You cannot remove a user from an item if the user is the owner of the item.

    When finished, click OK.

Permissions Descriptions