FME Flow: 2024.1

Dropbox Directory

The Dropbox Directory trigger monitors activity on a Dropbox folder, and sends JSON messages about that activity, which can include adding, changing, and deleting files.

The Dropbox Directory trigger has two output ports. The success port () can send a message if the trigger polls successfully. The failure port (x) can send a message if the trigger fails to poll.

Configuring Your Dropbox Account App

Before creating a Dropbox Directory trigger on a Dropbox account, you must configure the account with an app and generate an OAuth2 access token for it.

Note  The Dropbox access token expires after a four-hour session. For longer access, configure your app for offline access with a refresh token. For more information:


Tip  To test that your parameters work as expected, click Validate.
  • Access Token: Provide the OAuth2 access token for the Dropbox account you want to watch. For more information, see Configuring Your Dropbox Account App (above).
  • Path to Watch: Provide a location on your Dropbox account to watch for changes, using forward slashes. For example: /MyFolder. To specify the top-level, or 'root', use a single forward slash: /.
  • Watch Subdirectories: To watch activity in the selected directory and all subdirectories, specify Yes. To watch activity only in the selected directory and not in its subdirectories, specify No.
  • Events to Watch for: By default, all actions on the specified directory are monitored, including adding (CREATE), changing (MODIFY), and deleting (DELETE) files (and folders, if applicable). To monitor only one or two of these actions, click the "x" beside the action you do not want to monitor to remove it. To add an action after removing it, click inside the dropbox and select it.
  • Note  Events trigger based on changes in file date. If a file is overwritten, a MODIFY event is triggered.

Output Attributes

See Also

Attribute Description
time Event time
source Event type

(Failure port only) Error type:

  • InvalidMessage: An error occurred while configuring this component, such as missing or malformed values.
  • DeadLetter: An error occured while connecting to an external resource. Examples may include connection issues, invalid credentials, or generic external resource exceptions.
error.message (Failure port only) Error message
file.event (Success port only) File action (Create/Modify/Delete)
file.path (Success port only) File path

(Success port only) File root name

dropbox.user (Success port only) Dropbox account