Adding Users and Roles from an Authentication Services Connection

  1. On the Authentication Services page, check the box beside the connection you want to work with. To add users, click the Import Users icon. To add roles, click the Import Groups icon.
  2. On the connection page, use the search bar under Browse Users to search for user(s) or group(s) you want to add. To import all users that display, check the box beside Username. Alternatively, check the individual boxes under Username. When ready to import, click Import.
  3. Tip  To improve performance, use the Search bar to limit entries on the Browse page to less than 1000 users or groups.
  4. Alternatively, import a specific user under Manual Import. Specify their distinguished name (DN), and the name you want to import them as (Import As). Click Import.
  5. To confirm the users you added, search for them on the Users page. To confirm groups, search the Roles page.
Note  When Logging in to the Web User Interface, User names, including those imported from authentication services, are case-sensitive.