Verify the Installation

Note  For instructions on starting and stopping FME Flow, the Database Server, and the Web Application Server, see Working with the FME Flow System Services.

Confirm That the Web Services are Available

Open the Web User Interface according to the instructions here.

If you see a login form, it means that the web application server is running, the web applications have been deployed, and you specified the correct port when accessing the Web User Interface.

Confirm That FME Flow is Available

Log in to the Web User Interface according to the instructions here.

  • If you are able to log in , it confirms that FME Flow is installed and running.
  • If you cannot access the Web User Interface, the page shows a Server error, or you can confirm that FME Flow is not running, you might have a problem with installation. For support, go to FME Flow Troubleshooting: Web Interface Login in the FME Community.

Confirm That the FME Engines are Licensed

If your FME Engines are unlicensed, a dialog appears after you log in to the Web User Interface. Click the link to navigate to the Engines page. This page lists the licensed and running FME Engines.

If there are no FME Engines, your FME Flow might not be licensed. See Request and Install a License for instructions on acquiring a license.

If you still do not see active FME Engines in the Web User Interface, see FME Flow Troubleshooting: FME Flow Engines in the FME Community for troubleshooting and support.

Test That FME Flow Can Run a Job

To test your FME Flow installation, confirm that FME Flow can perform its primary function—running a job.

  1. On the Run Workspace page, specify:
    • Repository: Samples
    • Workspace: austinApartments.fmw
    • Service: Job Submitter
  2. Click Run Workspace.
  3. If you see a success message, your install was a success.

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