FME Flow: 2024.1

Upgrading In Place, On the Same Machine

Note  If the FME Flow you are upgrading from was configured for HTTPS, you must reconfigure HTTPS after the upgrade is complete.
  1. Back Up Configuration.
  2. Warning  If System Encryption is Standard (default) on the FME Flow that is backed up, it must also be Standard on the FME Flow that is restored, and use the same custom encryption key. Before proceeding, ensure your custom encryption key is downloaded and safely saved.
  3. Verify the integrity of the backup by restoring the configuration to the existing FME Flow. A successful restore indicates the backup is valid.
  4. Uninstall FME Flow.
  5. Install the newer version.
  6. Note   If your FME Flow installation includes an FME Flow Database that is configured on your own database server, you must perform the step to Configure the FME Flow Database on a Separate Database Server as part of installation. You cannot reuse the FME Flow Database from a previous installation because the table schemas may differ from the upgraded version.
  7. Restore Configuration.