Installing Python Packages to FME Desktop

If you want workspaces to reference custom Python modules that are part of a Python package, you must:

  1. Install a custom Python interpreter.
  2. Install the pip package management system.
  3. Use pip to install the package to FME Desktop.

Note: The default interpreter included with FME is not available for Python packages because installing pip to that interpreter requires modifications to the FME installation directory, which is not recommended.

Installing a Custom Python Interpreter

  1. Install a Python 2.7 interpreter from
  2. Ensure the installation path of the interpreter is added to the PATH environment variable.

Installing pip

  1. To get pip, securely download the contents of
  2. From a command prompt, navigate to the directory to which was downloaded.
  3. Run the command:
  4. > python

Installing Python Packages

To install a package, run the following command:

> python -m pip install <package_name> --target C:\Users\<user>\Documents\FME\Plugins\Python

For example, to install a package named PyExecJS:

> python -m pip install PyExecJS --target C:\Users\<user>\Documents\FME\Plugins\Python

Note: Substitute <user> with the Windows user name.