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FME Augmented Reality (AR) Writer

The FME Augmented Reality (AR) Writer enables FME to write to FME AR files. These files can be loaded into the FME Augmented Reality app on certain iOS devices.


An FME AR file consists of a package of several Wavefront Obj and Material files that define a collection of 3D geometries that can be displayed using the FME Augmented Reality app.

FME AR files generally contain three-dimensional geometry. Two-dimensional data will be represented with one of the coordinates (usually y or z) being 0.0 for all geometry.

Writer Overview

The writer creates and writes feature data to an .fmear file.

An existing .fmear file in the folder is overwritten with the new .fmear file with the same name. If the .fmear file cannot be written, the translation fails.

The value for the Writer Dataset is the path to the output folder. If the output folder does not exist, then the writer will create a new folder.

An output .fmear file will be created for each feature type within the specified folder. For example, if you are writing feature types named house and barn to dataset c:\data\fmear, then you will have files c:\data\fmear\house.fmear and c:\data\fmear\barn.fmear.

Feature type fanout is supported.